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Hi there! My name is Marin Peko!
I am a software engineer with focus on high-performance, clean and expressive code.
My passion is contributing to open source software (such as Boost libraries) and StackOverflow community as well as writing blog posts.


During the past 5 years of software engineering experience, I have worked for several companies such as:

Open - Source

I enjoy writing my own open-source software (especially C++ libraries) as well as contributing to existing open-source software (such as Boost libraries). You may like one of my recent C++ libraries:

  • bitflags - single-header header-only C++11 / C++14 / C++17 library for easily managing set of auto-generated type-safe flags
  • booleval - modern C++17 library for evaluating user-defined logical expressions

If you’d like to contribute to above projects, please feel free! Always looking for fellow contributors 😀

Support Me

If you like the work I am doing, please consider supporting it:

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How Supporting Me Helps Me?

  • I have a reason to write blog posts and contribute to open-source software more frequently
  • I get the feeling of support which motivates me even more

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